Why Companies Can Benefit from Mass Notification Capability

Imagine the following scenario: John, a high-school music teacher, is giving a lesson on this history of brass instruments when one of his students pulls out a gun in the back of the classroom. John needs to inform the principal right away, but his cell phone is tucked inside his messenger bag, inside a desk drawer. He doesn't have time to open a drawer, pull out his bag, root through the contents,…

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Workplace Safety Article Roundup - March 2015

Welcome to the latest monthly edition of news about workplace safety.

Workers Fed Up With McDonald's: File OSHA Complaints

Summary: McDonald's workers in 19 cities have filed 28 health and safety complaints with OSHA.

According to this news article,…

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Why "Stay Calm" Is Not a Sufficient Crisis-Response Plan

It's easy to tell people to "stay calm" in the event of an emergency. We hear the "stay calm" message so frequently that it has turned into a meme, a running joke. "Remain calm in the event of a water landing," we're told. "Tornado warning in effect; remain calm, move to an interior room on the lowest floor, and protect yourself from flying debris." There's even a popular line of T-shirts that remind…

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The Growing Popularity of Employee Safety Devices

When terrorists attacked the Charlie Hedbo offices in Paris two months ago, one safety director knew exactly what to do. This director, based in Washington D.C, used an online tracking tool to locate his employees in the region, discover they were unharmed, monitor their travel plans, and communicate with them about any recommended precautions. He noted that the incident was unfolding close to Charles…

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What's New In Workplace Safety?: February 2015 Edition

What's happening in the world of workplace safety? What are the latest updates around OSHA, employee compensation and other important safety-related issues? Find out in this month's news roundup:   OSHA Fines Schaumburg Company $86,000 for Workplace Safety Issues OSHA…

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