New OSHA Standards Reflect Era of Accountability, Transparency and Responsiveness

The New Year is always a time for resolutions, changes and new beginnings. But in the field of workplace safety, this past January 1 was particularly significant. The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is raising the bar on workplace and employee safety, thanks to new reporting requirements that went into effect January 1, 2015. Employers must report to OSHA every time an…

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How to Keep Your Family Safe and Connected on New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve can be a stressful time, especially when you're worried about your loved ones' safety. Your oldest child is a freshman in college and you know he'll be out celebrating with his friends. Your teenage child is hanging out with her high school friends. Your middle-school-age kids are spending their first New Year's Eve away from Mom and Dad, at a sleepover at a friend's house. Heck, even…

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Holiday Travel Safety Tips for Loved Ones with Special Needs

In our last blog article, we discussed basic travel tips to keep you and your family safe as you travel this holiday season. But what should you do if you're traveling with loved ones with special needs? Whether you're flying or driving, traveling with seniors or chronically ill people requires some additional measures to make sure everyone stays happy and safe. Here are top tips you need to know…

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19 Holiday Travel Safety Tips for the Whole Family

The holidays are a time when many families hit the road (or the skies) to visit loved ones in other areas. Here are 19 tips to keep you and your family safe during your holiday travels, whether you're heading over the river and through the woods by plane or car.

Air Travel

Protect against germs. Winter is peak cold and flu season, and when you're flying, you spend plenty…

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Why AlertGPS Makes a Great Holiday Gift

You want to give your loved ones a meaningful present. But you're not sure what to buy. First you consider the "usual" gifts, such as sweaters, shoes, or backpacks. These are great, but they're ultimately going to get worn out and thrown away. They won't last forever; they won't turn into cherished objects or memories. And while the recipient might enjoy a new sweater or pair of shoes for some time,…

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