Instantly monitor, locate and communicate with your mobile workforce and protect them from threats and injuries.


Mobile Workforce Challenges

When workers operate outside an office or controlled environment, it becomes increasingly difficult for organizations to manage the potential risks a worker may encounter and know when they need emergency assistance.

While proper training in safety procedures remains vital, providing mobile workers with the right tools to request and receive help in an emergency situation is critical to avoid negative outcomes.


Our safety wearables combined with our monitoring, alerting and mass
communication platform enable companies and their workers to stay safe.



Manage and monitor your mobile workforce in one central location. The secure online portal allows each wearable device to be custom-tailored with specific profiles for each worker and provides reporting for safety audits.


Quickly isolate the precise location of workers with reliable, round-the-clock location monitoring via GPS and WI-FI



At the touch, of a single button on the worker’s wearable device, both SOS and non-emergency calls can be initiated.


Need to get the word out fast to all or a subset of workers? Send notifications to mobile workers immediately or on a scheduled or recurring timeframe.


At the touch of a simple button, a worker can quickly trigger a 2-way emergency call to our Safety Monitoring Center, trained to dispatch help nationwide 24×7.

AlertGPS develops a Customized Action Plan for each customer, specifying how all emergency signals will be handled. Customers have the options to:
  • Establish a Priority Call List of customer representatives to receive phone calls in the event of an emergency dispatch situation (e.g. the customer’s Safety Officer)
  • Establish customized safety protocols
  • Select a default emergency dispatch option
  • Designate customer representative(s) to receive post-event disposition emails detailing the emergency signal outcome
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