Mobile working just got safer with our new app

We are committed to helping you protect your mobile workforce and mitigate risks associated with working in uncontrolled environments. Our latest safety app gives you new and improved features to locate, communicate, and get help to your mobile workers wherever they are.

We’re there to support your workers every step of the way

SOS alerts: Employees can press the SOS button whenever in need of emergency help, and will be immediately connected via 2-way voice to our 24/7 Real-Time Response Center.
Safety Concierge: Our agents will even stay on the line if your employees ever feel threatened or uneasy, until they feel safe again.

Stay ahead of the risk with preventative safety features

Give your workers the ability to log their locations whenever they arrive at or depart from their destination with a simple click for enhanced safety. If they are doing a client visit or a particularly dangerous task, they can also initiate active monitoring for a customizable period of time to trigger additional safety protocols if they fail to check-out before the timer runs out.

Situational awareness to help your workers do their job safely and confidently

Determine smart and threat zones to customize virtual boundaries and give additional context to your workers about which areas to stay clear off and why. Give an additional sense of awareness to your workers with a sexual predator map overlay they can turn on to learn about potential threats wherever they are.

Gain better insights into your workforce through an intuitive manager view

To help Managers support field staff that are in uncertain and potentially dangerous environments, the AlertGPS App displays the last reported location and route info (depending on individual privacy mode) of employees in the Manager’s Group. This feature gives Managers instant situational awareness for any team member that inititates an SOS Alert or Missed Check Out Alert.

Enhanced Safety Features

SOS Button

Employees can press the SOS button whenever in need of emergency help or companion support to be immediately connected via 2-way voice to a 24/7 Monitoring Center.

Check-ins and location logging

Employees can check-in to let their managers know they arrived at a particular place, and log their location to make sure they know exactly where they are.

Timed sessions with missed check-out alerts

Employees can activate monitoring for customizable periods of time. The AlertGPS app will send reminder notices until they check-out, and, if they fail to do so before the timer runs out, additional safety protocols will be initiated.

Registered predators location

Employees can enable a “predator” overlay that displays the home addresses and relevant information of the 100 nearest registered sex offenders, adding an additional layer of awareness whenever on the field.

Real-time Support

Our award-winning 24/7 Real-Time Response Center guarantees no call for help goes unanswered. They have immediate access to employees’ name and location and can dispatch emergency services whenever an alert is triggered.

Enhanced privacy options

Employees can customize their location reporting settings to suit their individual preferences: SOS-only reporting, scheduled work-day reporting, and regular reporting for continuous location monitoring.

In-app communication

Employees have the contact information for their team members at their fingertips and can easily call and/or text within the app.

Route information

Employees can see their route for the whole day or for any prior day.

Smart and threat zones

Customize virtual boundaries around job sites and known hazardous areas to prevent employees from approaching dangerous zones.


What Others Are Saying About AlertGPS

As the clinical manager of Home Care, I feel the AlertGPS system has been a huge success for the well-being of the field staff. The dispatch response for any type of SOS has been very fast, effectively dealt with and kindly handled even when triggered accidentally by staff. The increased mental and physical security for staff has also been greatly appreciated by them for this resource. Julia Howard has been fantastic to work with and always responds very quickly to questions or training requests

Clinical Nurse Manager

Home Health Care

AlertGPS’s customer service is excellent, and their safety solution has been very well received by our field team.  The devices are easy to use, and the entire system was ready to go on the day the devices were delivered to us. The system is more accurate than other devices we have tried and the geolocation from our phones even in very remote areas. AlertGPS customized our dashboard to our specifications, trained our managers and providers, and are great ambassadors for our company’s commitment to the safety of our team


Home Health Care

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