The quickest way to locate, communicate, and help your mobile workers at risk

When your job is to keep others safe, you need to be able to rely on fast, accurate, and reliable solutions. AlertGPS is a leading innovator in connected enterprise safety technology, available through a Safety Wearable Device and Mobile App, combined with our Cloud-Based Alerting Platform.

One-touch SOS button

Give your workers 2-way connection to the 24/7 Response Center where they have instant knowledge into the user’s name and location, and can enable immediate response protocols. Even if the user doesn’t speak, they will follow the escalation plan to dispatch help. 

Companion mode

Whenever a user is feeling uneasy about an area or home they are entering, they can press the SOS button and request our agent to stay on the line silently until they feel safe. If the agent hears anything suspicious, they can auto dispatch.

Predator and threat zone alerts

Using our sex offender map overlay, you and your workers can have visibility into registered sex offender and where they live for an additional layer of awareness. You can also create zones around troublesome areas, and you will be notified via SMS and email when any staff member is entering and exiting the zones. 

Timed session

When going into a residence, workers can set a timed session for the length of time they think they’ll be in the home.  If they fail to check-out on time, our Response Center will call and check on them. If no answer is received, they will follow the appropriate escalation plan.

Emergency Communication Flow

Alert – 2 Way

At the touch of a single button, any user can initiate SOS and non-emergency calls within seconds.

Locate and

SOS call received by trained agents at the AlertGPS Safety Monitoring Center, who are able to quickly identify the worker, their location and dispatch emergency help if needed.


Emergency services respond while our trained agents stay on the line to ensure users get the help they need.

What Others Are Saying About AlertGPS

I feel the AlertGPS system has been a huge success for the well-being of the field staff. The dispatch response for any type of SOS has been very fast, effectively dealt with and kindly handled even when triggered accidently by staff. The increased mental and physical security for staff has also been greatly appreciated by them for this resource. Julia Howard has been fantastic to work with and always responds very quickly to questions or training requests.

Clinical Nurse Manager

Home Health Care

Our company has a dispersed workforce of over 400 nurse practitioners providing home and mobile health clinic (MHC) healthcare services to people in local communities nationwide. For over four years, our company has utilized AlertGPS devices and their cloud-based safety platform as part of our comprehensive safety solution. With AlertGPS, we know where our workforce is throughout their workday, and can get them help within seconds. We are very pleased with the performance of the system, the responsiveness of the AlertGPS team, and believe this solution has enhanced the safety of our workforce.


Home Health Care

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