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Sound safety practices are both socially responsible and good business. For every dollar invested in a strong health and safety program, businesses can reduce expenses by 40% percent and see a 600% ROI.


Workplace Violence: Healthcare

18% – 65%

of home healthcare workers experience verbal abuse from patients.

2.5% – 44%

of home healthcare workers have reported being physically assaulted.


of home healthcare workers have reported sexual harassment.

Stay Ahead Of The Risk With Purpose-Built Technology

Our Safety Wearable Device and Mobile App, available for smartphones and tablets, combined with our Cloud-Based Alerting Platform, proactively monitor and enable rapid communications and emergency response to workers who are injured or threatened. At the simple touch of a button, a worker can quickly trigger a two-way emergency call to our 24/7 Real-Time Response Center, with trained agents ready to dispatch help anywhere in the U.S. or Canada.

What Others Are Saying About AlertGPS

As the clinical manager of Home Care, I feel the AlertGPS system has been a huge success for the well-being of the field staff. The dispatch response for any type of SOS has been very fast, effectively dealt with and kindly handled even when triggered accidentally by staff. The increased mental and physical security for staff has also been greatly appreciated by them for this resource. Julia Howard has been fantastic to work with and always responds very quickly to questions or training requests

Clinical Nurse Manager

Home Health Care

AlertGPS’s customer service is excellent, and their safety solution has been very well received by our field team.  The devices are easy to use, and the entire system was ready to go on the day the devices were delivered to us. The system is more accurate than other devices we have tried and the geolocation from our phones even in very remote areas. AlertGPS customized our dashboard to our specifications, trained our managers and providers, and are great ambassadors for our company’s commitment to the safety of our team


Home Health Care

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