24/7 Real-Time Response Center:
Always A Human Voice

The AlertGPS Safety Monitoring Center is available 24/7, with professionally trained agents able to handle any type of emergency situation. Our Monitoring Center can dispatch emergency assistance anywhere nationwide in seconds.

Award-Winning Response Center

Our 24/7/365 Response Center is UL ListedTM, Installation Quality (IQ), and CSAA 5 Diamond certified. Each of the three redundant centers are fully staffed with professionally trained agents who care deeply about the emergency services they provide to each of your employees.

Learn How Our Response-Center Works

Emergency Communications Flow

Alert - 2 Way Voice

At the touch of a single button, any user can initiate SOS and non-emergency calls within seconds.

Locate And Communicate

SOS call received by trained agents at the AlertGPS Safety Monitoring Center, who are able to quickly identify the worker, their location and dispatch emergency help if needed.


Emergency services respond while our trained agents stay on the line to ensure users get the help they need.


Customized Action Plans

AlertGPS develops a Customized Action Plan for each customer, specifying how all emergency signals will be handled. Customers have the options to:

  • Establish a Priority Call List of customer representatives to receive phone calls in the event of an emergency dispatch situation (e.g. the customer’s Safety Officer)
  • Establish customized safety protocols
  • Select a default emergency dispatch option
  • Designate customer representative(s) to receive post-event disposition emails detailing the emergency signal outcome

When’s The Right Time To Press The Button

Worker feels unsafe, threatened or is injured

Worker is lost, visiting an unfamiliar neighborhood, walking alone, or otherwise feels uneasy

Worker witnesses an accident or any other emergency on the job

Healthcare worker’s patient exhibits signs of distress or any other life-threatening concerns and needs an ambulance

Enhanced Safety Features

Trained Professional Agents

Trained professionals available 24/7 to answer the call, assess the situation and provide the most efficient emergency service available.

Customized Action Plans

Our agents follow an action plan designed by you with your specific company needs in mind.

After-Incident Update

Employers can communicate with all or any subset of their workforce immediately via AlertGPS’ mass notification platform.


Rapid Call Response

Average call answer time is less than 8 seconds. Handles over 12 million signals per month.

Highest Industry Certifications

If a worker feels threatened and wants to summon others nearby for help, the worker can press the Personal Alarm button on the Device to initiate a loud alarm.

Total System Redundancy

Two Fully Redundant locations with immediate failover capabilities.


Companion Mode

If a worker feels uneasy for any reason (e.g. lost, unfamiliar neighborhood, dark parking lot), they can press the SOS button and speak with a Monitoring Center agent. Our trained agents will stay on the line until the worker gives a clear indication that all is well. During a companion call, the agent is always aware of the worker’s location and is ready to dispatch emergency services immediately, if needed.

Fall Detection

If a worker falls on the job, the AlertGPS Active Halo® device will automatically initiate an audible message. If the device-holder does not cancel the alert the Active Halo® device auto-calls our Monitoring Center. The agent will respond to the call, and dispatch emergency assistance if help is needed, even if the device-holder is non-responsive.

Voice Call Back

The Monitoring Center can call into an Active Halo® device at any time to initiate a 2-way voice conversation with the lone worker. No action is required by the lone worker to answer the device – the call is automatically connected, and the hands-free speaker is engaged.


Protect Your Workers Today

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