The Safety Solution!

Learn about our brand-new 4G device & all of it’s benefits

Clear LED Status Lights


Built-in Speakerphone

Large ruggedized SOS Emergency Button


Panic Alarm



Normal Privacy

The device will be reporting it’s location constantly & consistently, so you know where all of your employees are at all times

Partial Privacy

Location reporting takes place within predetermined periods of time set by administrators, so your employees who do not wish to be tracked outside of work hours don’t have to be

Full Privacy

The device will be reporting it’s location only during an SOS event, giving your Carriers complete privacy


Device Carrier experiences an emergency prompting them to push the SOS button, or trigger Fall Detection, connecting them to a call center agent in seconds

The Carrier’s Name, Precise location and additional information are automatically gathered and sent to both the client Dashboard & professional Monitoring Center

Safety Officers, Managers & Supervisors will be alerted to the emergency in real-time via SMS & Email

Emergency services can be dispatched with the precise Carrier location & specific details of the incident