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Recent Congressional findings show workers in health care and social service industries experience the highest rates of injuries caused by workplace violence. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in 2019, rates of violence and injury to health care and social service workers ranged from 3.8 times to 82 times the average American workplace.

Workplace Violence: Healthcare & Social Services


Health care and social service workers are 5x’s more likely to suffer a workplace violence injury than workers overall.


Health care and social service workers suffered 73% of all workplace violence injuries.


Rates of workplace violence in health care and social service sectors increased by 54% between 2001-2018.


Home healthcare/hospice and social services providers work in uncontrolled environments every day. Employers have a duty to keep them safe, including compliance with existing OSHA regulatory guidelines and new state and federal workplace violence prevention legislation. AlertGPS offers the most complete workforce safety solution on the market, tailored to address the unique risks faced by mobile workers.

The Primary Components of the AlertGPS Workforce Safety Solution

Easy to Use, Purpose-Built Safety Wearable Device
Cloud-based Alerting and Mass Notification Platform

24/7 Emergency Monitoring Center Ready to Dispatch Help Nationwide

Active Halo 4G LTE

The Active Halo® device is slightly larger than a key fob. Attachment options include a lanyard, a belt clip and a charging cord (chargeable via a wall plug and a car USB port).

Device Capabilities Overview

The AlertGPS Active Halo® 4G LTE safety wearable is easy to use. It contains a single SOS button on its face ready to initiate a two-way SOS voice call to our 24/7 monitoring center. Two-way voice communications can be initiated by the device holder or the team monitoring the device holder’s safety. The hands-free speakerphone requires no action on the part of the device holder to answer. Pressing the SOS button records the employee’s location information instantly and is available to our monitoring center and on the company’s secure dashboard. The simple design makes it easier to use and more discreet than a cell phone in stressful situations.

SOS BUTTON Records the location and initiates 2-way voice call.

24/7 MONITORING Trained agents are ready to dispatch emergency help nationwide.

AUTOMATIC FALL DETECTION Help provided even if the device carrier is unconscious or unresponsive.

CHECK IN BUTTON Employees can easily “check in” with their supervisor.

WHITELISTED CALL-IN Authorized users can initiate a 2-way voice call with the employee.

EXTENDED BATTERY LIFE Over 72 hours of battery life with 5-minute reporting interval.

WATERPROOF & DURABLE DESIGN Waterproof (IPX6) and Ruggedized.

AUDIBLE PERSONAL ALARM Easily activate a loud siren.

BLUETOOTH 5.0 Bluetooth 5.0 capabilities can be paired with i-beacon and eddystone BLE beacons for indoor location monitoring.

Active Halo 4G LTE

The AlertGPS Platform

  • Scalable, Redundant, and Secure
  • Customizable dashboard accessible via computer, smartphone or tablet.
  • Authorized users can actively monitor current & past locations of all workers.
  • Historical records are maintained and available for post-event review and analysis.
  • Robust role-based permissions allow customers to (i) create employee groups, (ii) assign specific alerts to managers or carriers within each group, and (iii) only see employees they are assigned.
  • Full Reporting & Analytics capabilities (downloadable in PDF, CSV & Excel)
  • Customizable Alerting options sent in real-time via email/text to an unlimited number of designated recipients (e.g. a worker’s manager).

SOS Alerts The system sends an SOS Alert to all designated Alert recipients when the SOS button is pressed.

SMART ZONE ALERTS User-created zones around specified geographic areas. Alerts are sent when the device-holder enters or exits the Smart Zone.

PREDATOR ALERTS The system sends Predator Alerts to designated Alert recipients when the device-holder is near a registered sex offender’s home.

THREAT ZONE ALERTS User-defined Threat Zones around known hazardous areas (e.g. a home with an aggressive dog) and Alert recipients are notified when the device-holder is near a Threat Zone.

CHECK-IN ALERTS Alert recipients receive an alert when a worker presses the Check-In button on their device.

SPEED ALERTS Alert recipients receive an alert when the device-carrier exceeds a selected maximum speed.

BREADCRUMB ALERTS Breadcrumb Alerts enable managers to be alerted regarding the employee’s location on a pre-determined schedule.

FALL DETECTION ALERTS The AlertGPS system generates a fall related SOS Alert when the device detects a fall.
Active Halo 4G LTE

The Monitoring Center

The AlertGPS Monitoring Center is fully redundant, and available 24/7/365. All Monitoring Center agents are trained to handle any type of emergency situation. Agents have the ability to dispatch emergency assistance anywhere nationwide based on a customized action plan. If desired, customer’s can elect to self-monitor their workers and to manage and respond directly to any incidents.


Working together, AlertGPS’s Active Halo Devices, powerful IoT safety platform, and 24/7 Monitoring Center quickly alert, locate and enable emergency communication and response to protect mobile workers


AlertGPS develops a Customized Action Plan for each customer, specifying how all emergency signals will be handled. Customers have the options to:

  • Establish a Priority Call List of customer representatives to receive phone calls in the event of an emergency dispatch situation

  • Establish customized safety protocols

  • Select a default emergency dispatch option

  • Designate customer representative(s) to receive post-event disposition emails detailing the emergency signal outcome


TRAINED PROFESSIONAL AGENTS Trained professionals available 24/7.

RAPID CALL RESPONSE Average call answer time is less than 8 seconds. Handles over 12 million signals per month

CUSTOMIZED ACTION PLANS Our agents follow an action plan designed by you with your specific company needs in mind.

HIGHEST INDUSTRY CERTIFICATIONS UL Listed. Installation Quality (IQ). CSAA 5 Diamond Certified

AFTER-INCIDENT UPDATE After-incident update is sent the customer’s designated representative(s).

TOTAL SYSTEM REDUNDANCY Two Fully Redundant locations with immediate failover capabilities



If a worker feels uneasy for any reason (e.g. lost, unfamiliar neighborhood, dark parking lot), they can press the SOS button and speak with a Monitoring Center agent.  Our trained agents will stay on the line until the worker gives a clear indication that all is well. During a companion call, the agent is always aware of the worker’s location and is ready to dispatch emergency services immediately, if needed.


If a worker falls on the job, the AlertGPS Active Halo® device will automatically initiate an audible message. If the device-holder does not cancel the alert the Active Halo® device auto-calls our Monitoring Center. The agent will respond to the call, and dispatch emergency assistance if help is needed, even if the device-holder is non-responsive.


The Monitoring Center can call into an Active Halo® device at any time to initiate a 2-way voice conversation with the lone worker. No action is required by the lone worker to answer the device – the call is automatically connected, and the hands-free speaker is engaged.

Active Halo® 4G Location Reporting Options

Utilizing GPS, Assisted GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth technologies, AlertGPS has location reporting options to fit any enterprise use case. The Active Halo® device transmits data via the 4G LTE cellular network, and supports Wi-Fi and SMS failover for the transmission of data in areas where cellular data signals are insufficient. All data is transmitted via proprietary protocol over a secure IP network.

New Location Reporting Privacy Options Include:

REGULAR INTERVAL REPORTING Device location information is reported continuously on any selected reporting interval (e.g. every 5 minutes, every hour).

SCHEDULED PRIVACY MODE Device location information is provided only during a pre-selected reporting period (e.g. Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm EST).

FULL PRIVACY MODE No location information is ever report unless the device-carrier: (i) presses the SOS button; (ii) presses the Check-In Button; or (iii) the device detects a fall.

Watch How AlertGPS Protects
Home Healthcare Workers

When’s the right time to press the button?


Need Help!

If a worker ever feels unsafe, threatened or is injured, they can simply press the SOS button for immediate assistance.  The SOS alert triggers a 2-way call to our 24/7 monitoring center where they are trained to assess and dispatch emergency help nationwide 24/7

Companion Mode

If a worker is lost, visiting an unfamiliar neighborhood, or is walking to their car late at night – they can press the SOS button and speak directly with an agent.  The agent will stay on the line until the worker confirms all is well or dispatch help if needed.

Patient Emergency

If a patient exhibits signs of distress or any other life-threatening concerns, the clinician can press the SOS button to get immediate assistance to help with the situation.  The clinician can also request an ambulance when needed.

Aggressive Patient

A patient exhibits aggressive behavior towards your worker, they can simply press the SOS button for immediate assistance.

Car Accident

Your worker gets in an accident, slides on an icy road, or becomes lost or stranded.  They can press the SOS button and speak with an agent to dispatch police or emergency help that is nearest to them.