The Coming Wearables 2.0 Revolution

Wearables 2.0 Revolution

The first generation of wearables - items like FitBit and Apple Watch, which we're seeing in stores right now - cater to a mainstream market. These wearables track how many calories we've burned, how many steps we've taken, and whether or not the next season of House of Cards is available…

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Avoiding Worker Tragedies in the Future

Man under plank

Raul Zapata, a father of three, was buried alive in a trench after an unsupported wall collapsed during the construction of a 6,000-square-foot home in Milpitas, California.

The owner of the construction company and the project manager who employed Zapata were convicted…

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Workplace Safety Article Roundup - September 2015

Workplace Safety Roundup


Welcome to the latest monthly edition of news about workplace safety.


Not Letting Floor Problems Slip By

Summary: Most falls are caused by problems with the walking surface. These issues…

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Alert GPS Proud Sponsor of The Fireball Run

The Fireball RunOnce a year, more than 40 teams come together to compete in a legendary eight day life-size trivia game. This isn’t just any trivia game. It stretches across the span of 2,000 miles, and it involves some of the craziest vehicles you’ve ever seen. 

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Preventing Violence at Work

In a quiet suburb outside of Atlanta, on a balmy August day in 2014 that seemed exactly like any other, a telecommunication worker paused on a residential street. This worker saw a person approaching…

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